Color Tattoos done by Megan Color Tattoos done by Megan Kim's lovely design is on both sides of her body 58371579 Jon's indian. So real you can feel his war stare. 58371587 Brian's owl. (Your finally on-line) 58371584 In Memory of Glen's Dog Jake 134072543 The Gentleman Mr. Reeses A memorial to a beloved pet friend on Jess 156791431 Pirate Moon 73159799 Chris's Family at the Jersey Shore 73161044 Japaneseque Wave 131943449 Brian's Creature from the Black Lagoon 115080744 Blane's joker 58371590 Brian's Wolfman 103508347 Jon's custom sea turtle based on my art 58371593 Paul's Octopus Over a year but finally finished.... 75131377 Jason's Gentleman Owl This is one of my FAVORITE tattoos I've done in a while! 143299486 Jason's Misfits tribute. 71458052 Shannon's Wizard of Oz Tattoo Check out those Poppies :) 166945668 Matt's Got a Knuckle Sammich for you! 96597488 Our Dad's ghost rider back piece 58371585 Anthony's Chest Plate Scene 124512727 Anthony's Sailor Girl Pin-Up 120029674 Josh's Military Pin-up One of the BEST Pin-ups I have ever done! 146087941 Classic pin-up of his lovely wife 73159790 John's Flyers Pin-Up for his wife Trish Check out the detail in the leg and team members signatures! 83584216 Ryan's Yankee's Pin-Up 166946282 Sherman's Police Gal Pin-up 73159796 Scott's Irish Lass 89650229 Shawn's Hello Kinky 131943248 Sandy's Frank-n-Pin Up 73159795 Birdie Bondage 131943450 Mike's GOD of Paradise Heaven Can Wait.....Paradise Is Waiting! 96819879 Mike's Swallow made it from hell & back with the keys to Heaven 73159792 Sandy ~ She's soooo Crafty! 58371595 Michelle's Birthday Cake Hat This was done to remember one of the best Birthday's Michelle ever had, thanks to her husband Pat. It is also one of the more unusual tattoos I had ever done! :) 134072544 Punk Rock Heart on Jess Original Artwork by SkullBoy 156791432 Mary loves Megan's color work 58371580 The colors are just so bright 58371592 April's Cherry Blossoms 91444291 Barb's Garden This is on Barb, a fellow tattoo artist and owner of B&D Tattoo Studio 87807185 Estella's Hibiscus Branch Waiting on a better photo 82055543 Heather's Floating Fairy Flowers 84043980 Brian's life is at Sea 88067883 Josh's Cranky Angler Fish 166945526 Jason's "Epic" Breakfast Tattoo Almost 10 year joke finally realized! 108957256 Randy's Dragon and Volcanoes 142884769 Heather's Zodiac Tattoo 158036350 Heather's "Rock'n" Horsefly! 89454458 Laura's Ode to the Titanic 100 Year Anniversay this Year! 152758035 Harry's Nasty Guy 166947389 Watch the Tram Car! This is on Kenny's Wildwood, NJ Leg 122282541 Gina's Tribute to Philly! 73159791 Patty is part of the "Twillight" family now! 82889789 Debbie's Medicine Bag (For her Father) 139939968 VanGough Sunflowers 166947390 A bite mark so real his friends told him to get that looked at by a doctor 58371589 Kurt has a permenent "CHIP" on his shoulder! This tattoo cracks me up! 101978216 Trish Paulus-Steel's Prosthetic Leg This is the Lily Tattoo Design I created her to be put in her The Leg was made by Hanger! It's not the greatest of Printing Jobs colorwise...but She is so, so happy with her new SEXY Leg! 158344096 Erin's Floating Cherry Blossoms 170781218 Austin's Puck Hyena 170781219 Shannon' Emerald City 186962115 Phil's Foo Dog 186962117 Glenn's Dragon and Teddy Based on the art of: Artist is Robert Wayt Smith. 1st of 3 ~ Dragon & Teddy Check out more of his work: 186962118 Dan's Lego Head Salt & Pepper Shakers 186962119 Mike Hell Sleeve 186962120 Taylor's Chef Tattoo Steer and Hog dancing among the wild herbs 186962122 201844339 Kevin's Octopus 186962123 Casey's AWESOME Groot tattoo from "Guardians of the Galaxy" This was a super fun project!!!! 201844404 Got to create this Awesome Purple Peony for one of my Favorite Clients tonight! Such a Good Night when I see the Stevenson Family! 201844405 OMG!!! This is surely one of my Favorite tattoos I have done in my career!! This Adorable Creepy House is the top of Diana's Halloween Sleeve!!! 201844406 Been working on this Chaotic Space for Austin the past few weeks!!! Finally finished Today!!! So Excited!!! 201844407 Another crazy addition to Matt's Psychedelic Sleeve. ...Tripp'n 201844408 Did this Sweet Lil' Owl Design Today on Carla for her children!!! Hooray for Instagram, which made this all happen!!! 201844409 Phoenix Finished and healed 201844410 My last tattoo of the year and Kurt brought me another fun, badass idea!!! 2014 we are signing off...Mothership let's get the Hell outta here!!! 201844411 Finally Finished Alexis' Lovely Mermaid Tattoo!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!! 201844412 Today is the Day!!! It is finally finished! I am So Excited about this piece. Not only is it on my Dear Friend Sue but it's a Boobie Bat and Jack-o-lanterns!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! This made my month!!! 201844413 So what could I do on Christmas Eve that would make me one of the Happiest Tattoo Artists on earth!?! Tattoo Fangs on Alex of course...For the record, he came up with this idea all on his own....and that is why I love him 201844414 Dun.Dun...Dun.Dun...Dun.Dun.....Get out of the Water!!!! It's Jaws on Brandon....Thanks Brandon for the Awesome Afternoon! !! 201844415 Matt had me tattoo The Taste of Mushrooms on the Tongue smile emoticon Stay tuned...soon they will be in SPACE!!! 201844416 Dan's Father and Family is a bit of a Local Legend on the Area. This tattoo was in Honor of him!!! 201844417 Finished the second session on Shawn's Pin-Up of his wife Sherry.I Love how this came out and had a lot of great laughs tonight!!! 201844418 Had a wonderful time working on this Lovely design for Allyson!!! I am digging the Purple Record!!! 201844419 Tracy let me do this amazing Floral Paisley today at the Roc City Show!!! 201844420 Mike's Pirate Booty Girl is finally finished!!! (And she is AWESOME) 201844421 At last, finished up Heather Hosler's Slowly Disappearing, but ready to Pounce, Cheshire Kitty smile emoticon This is just the beginning of a Fun Alice and Wonderland Sleeve. 201844422 This New Tattoo belongs to an Amazing and Very Enthusiastic Chef named Edgar!!! It was such a pleasure to tattoo this cool design and swap recipes. He left Super Happy with the Art and the Fact he was VIP!!!! 201844423 Amber Brought me a Design tonight, that is one of those, that made me want to get into Tattooing all those years ago!!! 201844424 I absolutely loved Creating this 'Shroom Space Ship on Kaily!!! 201844425 Would check out this Handsome Fellow!?! I LOVE his Dapper Bowtie!!!! Thank you Ashley for entrusting me with your Portrait of Popeye! 201844426 This just happened!! My Dear friend Sue Stratton Taylor had me tattoo a portrait of Dracula, her son Chuckie drew when he was lil'...Have I mentioned I love my Job!!! 201844427 First Tattoo of the Weekend on Jack for his Grandfather at the ROC City Tattoo Convention in Rochester, NY 2016 201844428 I am so Stoked about how the underside of My Dear Friend Michelle's Sleeve is coming along!! ? 201844429 I am Humbled and Amazed some times at the work I can create when someone Inspires and Challenges me in new directions. Thank you Tintalle for all the Laughter, Understanding, Elightenment, and a Sympathetic Ear 201844430 I did this Lovely Russian Nesting Doll on My Dear Friend Anna Brodsky in Memory of her Grandmothe 201844431