Megan's Personal Artwork Megan's Personal Artwork Paradise Found For Keith 73195821 Star Crossed Love Birds 73195817 Bubbly Koi 73195815 Heather's Sea Turtle 73195823 Forget Thee Not Inspired by all my Breast Cancer Awareness Ladies! 73195818 Homeward Bound 73195822 Mr. Reeses for Jess Not For Sale (Was done in Memory of her Guine Pig) 152758399 It's a Jimi Thing Drawn for Dusty 73195813 Madem Rat and the Hummingbird So I finished a lil' piece of art I have been working on for a few months! This was inspired by the Lovely Mademoisel Rat! She told me an enchanting tale at the Orlando Show, about the humming birds that come to visit on her patio because they think she is a flower, with her pink hair....:) 158344532 Peacock 73195820 Judge Dread My friend Ross inspired this... 73195816 Wicked Wind 73195814 Client's Pet Portriat Not for sale 73195812 Derek Not For Sale (Sorry Patti) 73195819